Stephen Dent Greenwich – Pervert, Sugar Daddy, Misleading PR

Shady investment advisor, Stephen Dent Greenwich CT, was getting blackmailed by the girls he met on a sugar daddy website. However, things didn’t stop there. 

Later, he went back to the website and got blackmailed again. 

The DuPont heir and multi-millionaire gained a lot of notoriety for his visits to the sugar daddy website. 

In 2007, Stephen Dent Greenwich had found himself the victim of an extortion ring where the girls he paid for “companionship” tried to milk him for every penny he had. Naturally, the FBI and the Greenwich police intervened. 

But a few months later, he went back to the same sugar daddy website and started looking for new “companions”. 

What’s worse is that Stephen Dent Greenwich was a married man at teh time. 

Again, he got blackmailed. 

GreenwichTime reported that the women called him ‘master’ while he called them his ‘slaves’. 

However, the multi-millionaire Stephen Dent did not expect that the women were no mere slaves and he would end up doing their bidding. 

Stephen had paid them $200,000 for their online companionship and “personal services”. 

Then, the women tried to get more money from him.

At least 3 of the women Stephen Dent Greenwich CT had paid have tried to blackmail him. The Harvard-educated multi-millionaire lives on a private street in Riverside. He is a successful entrepreneur and DuPont heir. 

2 of the cases ended up in FBI-Greenwich Police Department investigations for extortion charges. 

Stephen Dent Greenwich CT used to visit the website “”. According to police reports, he was a habitual visitor of the website for 2 years, looking for women to talk to and sometimes, meet for sex. 

In some cases, he paid up to $15,000 for sex, according to police reports. 

Note that caters to older wealthy men known as “sugar daddies” who are willing to pay young women for their companionship. Based in Nevada, this site used to brand itself as a platform for wealthy benefactors. 

However, the owner of the website claimed that Stephen must have done something very wrong because no other client has experienced this problem. 

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